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Extreme Makeover Home Edition
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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Our build team consists of professional workers, who are able to find an approach to the situation of any degree of complexity. Before the beginning of work we are making a detailed plan where all the necessary and complex techniques are discussed with the staff, so to avoid mess between the workers and the client.

During our work we are using modern and innovative techniques and materials. We are using a big variety of appliances that can help to make our work easier and safer like professional loading equipment from Discountforkliftbrokers.com - forklift dealer in Kansas City, because we care about the health of our crew and want to have the results of hight quality that will satisfy even the most picky client.

We are trying to do the work as fast as possible and are always following the safety rules, that is why the process of construction goes smoothly.

When dealing with the renovation of private or industrial houses we are cooperating with professionals. For example when we are performing roof repair we are consulting with our reputable colleagues from http://www.zimmetalroofing.ca steel roof company in Edmonton and are trying to find the best solution for the client. This company has a wide range of materials, that allows us to develop and create unique and durable roofing structures.

The construction of residential complexes, industrial, office and retail objects is one of the main activities of our company. In our activities we cover a full range of construction and finishing works, as well as offer further maintenance service after facilities commissioning. Our construction company was one of the first which introduced modern technologies in the design and construction of real estate, as well as in the optimization of business processes of construction projects. Not only we offer the best construction solutions to our clients, but also provide them with the wide range of additional services, such as warehousing Toronto. During the house construction it is very important to find a reliable place where it will be possible to store your property and personal belongings. We are happy to help you choose the best warehouse in Toronto for your furniture, home appliances and other valuable things.

Our another reliable coleague is www.yorkdaleselfstorage.com Toronto self storage company, that also provides storage facilities that are very useful for you during the home repair or even relocation, also you can store there seasonal things like bicycles, skis, boats, etc. The storage is available for you 24/7 and you can get your things anytime you need them. This option is very attractive if you live near the storage or even if it is located near the city center.
You do not have to worry about your belongings, because the place where they are kept is warm, secured and safe from rodents, so you can store some items and be not afraid that something will happen to them.

Our main principles - Professional approach to the realization of every stage of the project
- The provision of high-quality services on the real estate market
- Well-organized construction project development
- Competent consulting services
- Qualitative performance and individual approach to each project
- Maximum liability for the results of the project
- Analysis and minimization of risks at all stages of project implementation
- Effective use of funds and resources of the investor
- Effective personnel management

We work only with the best manufacturers and vendors of building materials, professional equipment, residential overhead doors in Toronto, windows, entry and interior doors to be sure that houses of our clients are build of the highest-quality, safe and ECO-friendly materials. The specialists of our company are actively supporting the idea of green building, implementing the latest technologies into construction process. We approach every project individually, doing our best to address all needs of our clients and take into account all their requirements. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our services and discuss your project with our consultants.

Home Remodeling and Construction LLC is excited and honored to be a part of this wonderful project that will transform a deserving family’s life for the better.
Learn more about the team here.

Thanks to overhead doors and spray foam insulation equipment partners

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