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Gas furnace main features

Furnace is used for providing heat to houses. The furnace extracts the heat energy with various types of fuel. The various sources for furnace are gas, oil, coal, and wood. All these sources are used to cover this energy in to heat energy. The most famous and economical among all these is the gas furnace. In this type, the gas is used as a fuel.

Here the gas converted into heat energy through chemical process. The household furnace is directly installed to supply the heat to all the areas of the living room. This is most efficient form of furnace, as the process of transferring heat is taking place very quickie. The pipe to the furnace is fixed in case of house furnace. If the heating is done through electricity then it is called as electric arc furnace, if the heating is done through induction then it called as induction. In the same way, here the gas is used for heating purpose, hence it is called gas furnace. The gas furnace converts the gas energy in to heat energy, and transform it in the form of hot air, hot steam or in hot water.

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