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Modern equipment used on construction site

The construction of a building, road or tower is a detailed process involving a lot of planning, design, preparations, approvals, sub-contractions, etc. Right from ground break to the actual handing over, there are a lot of steps involved. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, there is much time saved in all these processes. There is considerably less time involved, a lot less physical labor and less risk for the people on site. A lot of heavy machinery is used for various details.

Basic equipment used

Let us look at a few of the basic categories of machinery or equipment used. It is important to remember that each equipment comes with its own features and latest models. The model chosen is selected for its suitability to the site.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are usually the first vehicles on site. They transport sand, gravel and other loose materials. The trucks have a box bed at the back which can be raised to let its contents fall. Several models are available like the transfer, standard, side trucks, etc.

Lift trucks

Another common sight is the lift trucks Ottawa. Again several models are available. Perhaps the most common model seen is the fork lift, used to carry heavy parts around. The advantage of this truck is that the load is lifted, moved and lowered easily. The standard forklifts have a carrying capacity of around 5 tons. Other designs include the reach truck and side loader.


What is a construction site without a crane? This is a tower or derrick used to lift and place really heavy material. This is done using cables and pulleys. The cranes are either fixed to the ground or on a vehicle specially built for this purpose. Control is done by an operator in a cab fixed to the crane. Modern versions include mobile, tower, loader and telescopic cranes.


The bulldozer is a tractor fitted with a dozer blade. These are large and extremely powerful vehicles used for demolition of structures, clearance of obstructions or shrubbery, etc. Newer attachments allow for scooping of the earth and dumping in into trucks. There are many more equipments used in the construction industry like backhoes and excavators. A good construction company knows the best model that will suit your site requirements and have a well maintained piece of equipment for your needs. They will also have experts on hand to extract the best mileage from this equipment.

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