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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Self storage - a perfect place to store your household during remodeling

Home remodeling is a serious steps you take pursuing the idea to improve your living conditions and increase the value of your home. Once you have decided on the project and picked up a reliable contractor to bring your ideas into life, you are facing with another challenge – where to store your furniture and personal belongings during the reconstruction as it is associated with a lot of dirty work to do (brickwork, floor leveling, plumbing work, installation of windows and doors and so on). Click here to look through the list of our trusted partners offering significant discounts on their services for the customers of Arkextremebuild.com remodeling and construction company. You will find the companies, which offer moving and temporary storage, home renovation and decoration services in Edmonton. You will be able to make your dream about cozy home come true with their professional help.

Let us consider the options you have:

1. Move the furniture around the house (from one room to another). This option is not recommended as you will have to hire professional movers to handle bulky furniture pieces like piano, sofa and wardrobe, but nevertheless, all of the pieces would be covered with construction dust (despite the fact of packing), and renovated door casings would become pretty scratched (if to miscalculate the width of openings).

2. Take all the things to neighbors. Everything is simple: if you want the neighbors to hate you – then do it.

3. Move the furniture to a country house. Very expensive option. Moving back and forth will cost you a lot.

4. Keep the things at moving company self storage. Very good option. You have an opportunity to choose the unit of the size that you need and not to pay for extra space, which is not used. Besides, you will have 24/7 access to your property (very convenient if you need to take some of the things back). You are free to choose the period to store you things – there are no restrictions and so-called minimal storage time periods.

Molly Osborne gives tips no personal belongings safe keeping with the help of alberta-movers.com - moving company Edmonton.

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