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Home Makeover Home Edition

Thank you for your interest to volunteer for the local Gainseville Home build. Although we are not accepting anymore volunteers, we still NEED YOU! Please come down to the build sight to cheer the build team on starting on Wednesday, Dec. 9th through Monday, Dec. 14th spectators are invited each day from 8am - 8pm.

** Mandatory check-in for anyone going to the build site is located at 3301 N. Main Street. Shuttles will run continuously between 8am - 8pm. Parking around the build area is not permitted. **

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of the Home Makeover Home Edition in Gainesville/Alachua County! It is going to an exciting week!

If you are already a registered volunteer, please download a copy of the volunteer schedule.

This is a production, filming process, a true “work in progress!” We have scheduled volunteers according to advice given to us and tons of prior experience from production. As a volunteer you may be over used and kept extremely busy or you may feel underused, a lot of hurry up and wait! Please understand that the volunteers are such an important part of the build and part of the experience is just being there. This is such an amazing opportunity for us all!

Please arrive early to your shift. You will check in at the off-site check in (TBA Dec. 7th) and you will park and ride to the worksite. Please be sure to continue to check www.Arkextremebuild.com for updates and needs of the build. We will post all the volunteer schedules on the web-site AND on Dec. 7th we will post all of the unknown information, the family, the off-site check in location and the location of the extreme build!

The blue shirts (non-trades) will be doing jobs such as checking people in (on and off site), working in the catering tent, supplying drinks/food to workers, directing traffic, setting-up tents the first days, picking up trash, breaking down tents the last days and really anything and everything that will keep this small community functioning throughout the build. We are not assigning specific jobs yet however, if you have any limitations please let us know now. It's such an amazing experience to be involved with and we thank you for volunteering to volunteer! We are lucky to have you! We will take great care of you while on site with amazing donated catered meals, drinks and snacks.

One of the best aspects of volunteering is you give a lot but you get a lot in return, please take time to enjoy the experience. Many people have said this is one of the best experiences of their lives. We want this worksite to be a remarkable experience for us all.

Below are some important dates for our volunteers to remember.

December 2rd 8:00am EMHE Pep Rally Grace United Methodist Church 9325 W Newberry Rd Gainesville, FL 32606-5547 (www.gracefl.org) Rally before the build! All volunteers are invited to join Ark with Conrad Ricketts, from EMHE production, to have some fun and get some information before the build begins. This is a great way to see some of the faces in which you will be sharing this experience. We would love for you all to be there with us!

December 7th is the Door knock day. Please make sure to check the web-site for all of the unknown information who the lucky family is, where the off-site check in will be and other ways you can help and ways you can get others involved to help who may not be able to volunteer on site.

December 14th MOVE THAT BUS! Move that bus is scheduled for 2pm on Monday PLEASE lets come out in full force to watch that A Candies Limo bring the family home!

Ongoing throughout the build will be a canned/perishable food drive to help stock local food banks and a blood drive. We are challenging Gainesville/Alachua County to bring in the most food/blood EMHE has EVER seen!

Please read the volunteer rules and standards below and if you have any questions/concerns please let us know!

Rules and Standards

Please read before volunteering:

1. You MUST be 18 to volunteer.

2. You MUST wear FULLY CLOSED SHOES/BOOTS (it is a construction site).

3. Due to excellent community support, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to work on site. We appreciate everyone and will do our best but in no circumstance can we ensure that you will be chosen to enter the construction site.

4. You must fully complete the Volunteer Release and Appearance/Confidentiality Release forms to volunteer. If you have completed these forms on a previous day you must re-sign and date them in order to volunteer.

5. Volunteers will get a T-shirt only when they are sent to the site to work.

6. Volunteers are only given one shirt throughout the build. If you are returning to volunteer again, please remember to bring your shirt with you. Please launder shirts after use. If you do not have your shirt you cannot volunteer.

7. Volunteers may be asked to do physical labor. If you have any restrictions or conflicts please inform the volunteer coordinator.

8. Once on site, DO NOT interfere with the camera crew, cast or the build team (black shirts) or any Rim pumps. This is a television show and in order to successfully complete shooting we need full cooperation from everyone involved.

9. Unless given specific work duties, you should NOT be roaming the set. You will be asked to stand by in a designated area deemed by your volunteer coordinator.

10. Please DO NOT ask the cast for autographs. Everyone is working very hard and it’s important to respect and uphold a professional work environment.

11. Absolutely NO autographs on HARD HATS! The hard hats are not souvenirs and we need them for the safety of all who enter the work site for the duration of the build.

12. Please return all hard hats at the end of your work shift. Do not alter the hard hats with decals or autographs.

13. NO CAMERAS ALLOWED ON SITE! We uphold a productive work site and ask that all volunteers do the same.

14. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave all personal effects in your locked car or at home.

15. If you are not a construction worker or a scheduled, signed in volunteer you will not obtain a T-shirt from this location. Media, VIP, Family or Production guests should go through production or your corresponding department to get a T-shirt. At no time will check-in hand out T-shirts to anyone who is not authorized.


With such EXTREME working conditions we may have to clear the site in order to complete this huge undertaking.

On behalf of ABC, StarAutoGlass.ca, Home Remodeling and Lock & Key Productions, We THANK YOU for your patience and understanding!


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